PAge WIll Change Soon 
Just Watch It's Real and It Works... I just remade the page I took down a Couple of months ago. 
Follow The Steps.. Call Me Or text Me if You need Help.
Intro/Proof Video
Step 1: 5-10 Minutes
-Create a new Email Address. 
-Create a text now account and get a number. 
-Fill in your info and complete the survey. 
-Follow the steps on the next page, I know the page looks different than the one I was on in the video. 
Step 2: 30-60 MINUTES
-Complete 10 offers (1 Silver, 1 Gold, 8 Platinum)
-Spend $10 or less on the offers
Step 2 Part 2: Offer Walk-through
Step 3: Claiming Your Gift
-Follow what I do in this video
-Text me or call me if you have any questions
-I only had 3 offers completed but you have to have 10 offers completed in order to get your gift card.
SKEPTICAL? Listen To The Reason Why They Do this.
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